“Barça offered me 5 millions more than Madrid, but I don’t play for money, but for the love to the white jersey.”
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우리의 사랑은 이미 끝났다고 너는 말했다
You say that you stopped loving me long ago

담배를 태우며 너의 눈속을 들려다 보았다
I smoke my cigarette while looking you in the eyes

너는 뒤돌아 섰다
You look away

나의 담배 불은 결코 일어나지 않았 듯이
I notice that my cigarette isn’t even lit

나는 웃었다
I laugh

우리의 사랑의 불꽃이 피어나지 못하듯이
Like our love, the spark was never there

can muji open a store in vancouver pls

"But my style’s hip hop.” —Different

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When she was a little girl you’ll never want to know

The places she liked, the things she enjoyed

Never asked a girl what she liked about her childhood

You’ll never know what she’s trying to hide from you, so

Don’t ask, don’t think, don’t guess

Don’t say anything that could hurt her

Don’t raise your voice

Don’t say good bye

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Q: Have you thought about wanting to quit SNSD?

I feel like the name of SNSD has gotten heavy, like a weight on my shoulders. Since we’re a team I feel that all the more. - Taeyeon

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